Hundreds of nursing career paths exist. We’ve discussed nursing qualifications and the many sorts of nurses you may become to make a difference. We also know that nursing titles demand various degrees of schooling. What do you think? How do you navigate your nursing graduate degree options and titles?

Below, we explain. This list of nursing degree levels can help you if you’re an aspiring nurse or a veteran nurse wishing to advance.

ADN: Career Outcomes

Licensed nurses need an associate degree in nursing. RNs are the most prevalent nurses in medicine. In hospitals, private offices, schools, and other clinical institutions around the US, nearly three million Registered Nurses work.

Patients are treated by registered nurses. They treat patients, give drugs, do health exams, operate medical equipment, and coordinate care plans. Registered Nurses must have at least an associate degree to practice. Students learn the basics of nursing and practical skills in associate degree programs.

Two- to three-year ADN programs are common. Clinical and classroom work make up the curriculum. In clinical, students gain real-world experience. In labs, they practice. RN candidates can take the board test after graduation.

Learn about ADN requirements.

Outcomes of a BSN: Registered nurse

Due of the increased skills gained in a lengthier degree, several Registered Nurses choose for a Bachelor’s in Nursing. Registered Nurses with a Bachelor’s in Nursing can also get more jobs. BSN-educated nurses can apply for leadership roles and some occupations (like a U.S. Military Nurse, which requires a BSN).

There are several methods to get a BSN. A four-year bachelor’s degree program is appropriate for new college students and nursing beginners. An accelerated BSN (ABSN) program may be available to non-nursing graduates. A fast-track RN-to-BSN program takes 16 months or less to finish.

BSN programs go beyond the clinical essentials of associate degree programs. You’ll take advanced coursework in Public Health Nursing, Professional Nursing Leadership, Nursing Research, and Healthcare Policy due to the time commitment. These fields of study will prepare you for larger nursing jobs, a stronger effect on the healthcare system, and better patient care. With a BSN, you can earn more.

If nurses choose to continue their education, bachelor’s degree programs prepare them for graduate school.

APRN or Nurse Leader with an MSN

APRNs must have a master’s degree in nursing. MSN programs train students for advanced roles including Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Administrators.

MSN programs take one to three years to finish. Most MSN graduate certified programs are for students with a BSN who want a master’s degree. These MSN programs take one to two years.

Your MSN program’s coursework will differ. The majority of MSN programs focus on a nursing specialty. An MSN degree that supports your job aspirations is crucial. Goodwin’s MSN programs include:

APRN-FNP degree program for prospective family nurse practitioners

For aspiring Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, APRN-PMHNP graduate degree program.

For future nursing and community health leaders, population health-focused MSN program.

You may have to take your field’s licensing test after graduating from a specialized degree. You can become an APRN by becoming certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board (AANPCB), the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), or the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB).

DNP and PhD (PhD)

Careers: Nurse Administrator, Professor, Researcher

Leadership training for nurses comes from a Doctor of Nursing Practice graduate degree. Nursing researchers and academics can also pursue a PhD. Depending on your previous nursing degree, both programs take two to four years to finish. Doctorate programs, the highest nursing degree, are rarer than MSN programs.

DNP nurses know healthcare policy, patient advocacy, health information systems, and leadership at a doctorate level. Thus, a DNP degree might qualify you for clinical organization and healthcare leadership jobs.

PhD-trained nurses can teach and study. PhD-holding nurses instruct future nurses in universities. Some PhD nurses will investigate new treatments, technologies, and discoveries. These programs pupils are mostly APRNs.

Non-Degree Nursing Qualifications

Of course, nursing isn’t just for college graduates. You can also earn a nursing certificate or diploma for entry-level support jobs. Although these jobs have limited scopes of practice and lower salaries, they might be good stepping stones to nursing study.

Outcomes of CNA Certification: Aides

Graduate Certified Programs Online and get Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) might be a good option for people who want to work in healthcare but aren’t ready for a full-time nursing profession. CNAs aid licensed nurses in patient care, as their name indicates. In nursing homes, they work. CNAs feed, bathe, and move patients daily.

CNAs don’t need much to start their careers. CNAs need only a postsecondary certificate program. CNA programs take 4-12 weeks to teach prospective careers.

Careers in LPN: LPN.

Patient-RN communication is handled by LPNs. They start IV infusions, change dressings, and take vital signs. However, an LPN’s main job is to keep the care team informed of each patient’s health and ensure that their requirements are addressed.

Most states do not allow LPNs to give treatments or assessments. They help medical staff and Registered Nurses. LPNs have fewer educational requirements than RNs. LPNs must have a practical nursing diploma to be licensed. LPN programs take a year to complete.

Nursing Career Growth

No of your nursing degree, you can make a difference. From CNAs to Nurse Administrators, all nursing professionals influence patients’ lives, their care teams, and the healthcare system.

You can choose your next step now that you know the nursing levels. A postgraduate degree or a job as a Registered Nurse are options. Nurses have several possibilities. Which way?

Please contact Professional Nursing Degree if you’re interested in nursing Professional degrees. Goodwin supports nurses at all levels and helps them find their dream jobs.

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